Sharing Is Caring!

Small and unique businesses (like Midwest Placenta) rely on personal reviews from past moms. Please bless my business with a sentence or two about using Midwest Placenta or placenta encapsulation in general.

Other moms would love to hear about your time bonding postpartum, your hormonal experience while healing, & your postpartum journey. Everyone talks about birth stories, but what about a recovery story.

It doesn’t need to be long or glowing, just 2-3 sentences of your real-life postpartum experience… Or even just one thing that mattered to you the most!

 Questions you can think about:

  • What was your favorite product? Favorite keepsake?
  • What did you like about the process, anything from communication, pickup/drop-off?
  • What placenta encapsulation benefits mattered to you the most?

Text Review:

Facebook: If you’re willing to leave a FB review, go to (feel free to add a picture)

Google: We were recently added as a google business (which is awesome for an ‘eastern medicine-like company’), so if you’d like to leave a review, go here, click ‘reviews’.

More: If you want to do both and shout your review from the rooftops, you can simply copy/paste it.

Alternatively: if you don’t want your review ‘public’, you can just send what you’d like to say directly to me and I can add it to my ‘testimonials’ area on my website more anonymously with just your first name and last initial.

Video Review:

Make a 30-60 second video. Show me that baby, show me your messy postpartum bun, and tell me about your experience with the aid of your placenta products. Upload to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Tiktok and tag us.

If you are able to do any type of review, truly thank you. Preggo moms rely on reading real reviews and testimonials when deciding on something as personal as placenta encapsulation.

Thank you ahead of time for your review, but no rush…  I know how busy life can be with a newborn.

Enjoy your day and your baby snuggles.

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