Here’s your to do list:

The following 3 STEPS needs to be completed at your earliest convenience or whenever you’re ready for your shipping kit. It is recommend to have items completed by 34 weeks gestation or ASAP if signing up after that point. However, please do not let timing deter you, we can provide proper saving and storage information if you’re close to your estimated due date or in labor. The placenta can be properly frozen and encapsulated up to 6 months later.

Done? That’s it! After those steps are completed, your informational mail packet with full instructions will be mailed out from 34-36 weeks of your pregnancy (unless requested sooner for history of or suspected premature labor). Or ASAP if signed up after that point. We will contact you with tracking number.

Your kit will include full information with step-by-step information and photos on: What to do prepare ahead of time (depending on your type of birth: home, birth center, hospital),  what type of cooler to bring, notifying your care team, what to do once you arrive to the hospital/birth center, what to do once baby and placenta are delivered, what happens next, frequently asked questions, and more.

Thank you so much for choosing Midwest Placenta. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need to reach me for any reason.

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