Shipping Kit Payment

$50 shipping kit cost must be paid in order to receive shipping kit and utilize services via shipping.

Shipping kit will be mailed out typically between 34-36 weeks of pregnancy (unless requested sooner for history of or suspected premature labor/birth) or ASAP if payment is completed after 34 weeks gestation. Please do not let timing deter you, as long as placenta is stored correctly after birth, we can encapsulate up to 6 months later (if frozen).

Pay with Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, Stripe (Visa, MC, AmX, Discover) below. Please contact Casey directly for ApplePay, Money Order, Personal Check.

Once shipping kit cost of $50 is paid, your remaining balance of your chosen encapsulation package can be paid at anytime, the latest being at placenta processing once the placenta has arrived to me in Missouri. You may combine your shipping kit cost and package balance together and pay at one time if you choose to do so. Shipping kit cost is non-refundable after shipping kit is mailed. Receipt will be sent. If you are unsure of total due, please check with Casey before checkout. Receipt will be sent.

Payment Status:

After payment is completed, let us know how you paid so we can update your file. If name differs on payment method (such as in the case of family member paying, nickname, maiden name, etc.) please enter name variation below so we can assign that payment to your file.

Paying Later:

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