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Placenta Capsules: (no addtl. cost included in baseline service.)

Add-On Umbilical Cord Keepsake: $35

Umbilical Cord Keepsake Color Preferences: (Photo examples on bottom of page.)

Can be updated at a later date if you’re waiting on baby’s gender to be known.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake Shape: (Photo examples on bottom of page.)

Umbilical cord Keepsake Description: Made to remember the lifeline that connected between mom and baby. Comes in a protective sleeve with baby’s birth statistics on the back & custom storage box.

Add-On Tree of Life Placenta Print: $35/each

*No dyes, food coloring, or paints used on the placenta. Placenta is covered with plastic/saran wrap and the vessels are traced individually.

Can be updated at a later date if you’re waiting on baby’s gender to be known.

Tree of Life Placenta Print Description: A stamp of the fetal side of the placenta, creating a ‘tree’-like print. Showing the exact size, shape, and vessel structure of your exact placenta. The tree of life print can be done naturally or with various watercolors (no paint or dye use on placenta). Each print is as different and unique as the placentas themselves. Print will be labeled and laminated.

Add-On Placenta Tincture: $35 for 1st, $20 for each additional

Tincture Description: Alcohol placenta preservation, extending the longevity of placenta usage and can elicit healing during illness, disease, emotional challenges, or difficult life transitions. Tinctures have an infinite shelf-life when stored correctly, therefore you can receive benefits from your placenta long after the capsules are gone. Tinctures are mainly meant for energy, transitions, hormone stabilization, milk supply, and are helpful in times of returning menstrual cycles and menopause. Most clients choose to have at least one tincture made for long term use.

Add-On Placenta Salve: $35 for 1st, $20 or each additional

Salve Description: For topical (skin) application. The placenta compounds & other chosen ingredients for this salve can be very beneficial for things like cesarean scars, perineal tearing, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, sunspots. Can be use as a nipple cream or diaper rash cream. Cradle cap, psoriasis, eczema, baby acne, dermatitis, burns, sunburns, general skin irritations and so much MORE!

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Pearl Coated Pink

Pearl Coated Blue

Metallic Gold Plated

Metallic Rose Gold Plated

Metallic Silver Plated

Natural Print (made with remaining blood left on the placenta)

Watercolor Print (no dyes, food coloring, or paints used on the placenta)

See more detailed in formation about each package on the Pricing / Packages page. 

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