Step #5: Shipping Kit Payment

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$50 Shipping Kit/Program Cost must be paid in order to receive shipping kit and utilize services via shipping.

Please pay $50 by 34 weeks gestation or ASAP if after that point. Product cost is NOT due until time of placenta processing.

Payment Status & Method:

Paying Timeframe:

Paid Via:

Payment Amount:

Receipt Options:

Once paid, shipping kit will be sent at approximately 34 weeks gestation (unless requested sooner for history of/suspected premature labor) or ASAP if after that point. However, please do not let timing deter you. As long as placenta is stored correctly after birth it can encapsulated up to 6 months later if frozen in regular freezer.

Remaining balance of service & chosen product are NOT due until time of processing. However, total balance must be paid at time of placenta processing. If desired, total payment or smaller payments can be made at anytime.

Shipping Kit/Program Cost is refundable if cancellation occurs before package sent. Shipping Kit/Program cost is non-refundable after shipping kit is sent (typically at 34 weeks or ASAP if after that point).

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