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Pearl Coated Pink

Pearl Coated Blue

Metallic Gold Plated

Metallic Rose Gold Plated

Metallic Silver Plated

Umbilical Cord Heart Keepsake: The umbilical cord is removed and formed into a heart (if enough cord is left attached) and dehydrate along with the placenta. This keepsake is made to remember the lifeline that connected mom and baby. If left natural, you can usually see the vessels that connected mom and baby, or we have different options for colors, metallic plating. If you do not want it completed, just let me know. It does not remove any cost.

Tree of Life Print Keepsake: Basically a stamp of the vessel structure of the fetal side of the placenta, creating a ‘tree’. The tree of life print can be done naturally (left) or with various watercolors (right). If choosing the watercolor option, the placenta is covered with plastic/saran wrap and the vessels are traced individually, the placenta does NOT come in contact with the paint. The tree of life print is available in both the Standard Package and the Premium Package. Each print is as different and unique as the placentas themselves, final look will vary. If you do not want it completed, just let me know. It does not remove any cost.

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