Placenta Capsules

Before we dive into the specifics of the types of placenta encapsulation, you may just be looking for placenta capsules benefits and placenta capsules components.

There are 2 different types of placenta encapsulation. Traditional Chinese Inspired Method (also known as TCM/Heated Method) and the RAW method. As a standard, we prepare using the TCM/Heated method (unless otherwise specified).

TCM/Heated MethodRAW Method
General Information:
TCM/Heated Method: Most commonly used method of placenta encapsulation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theorizes that birthing the placenta leaves an empty space within the mother, which makes the cold (yin) empty space and the practice of steaming the placenta to be consumed balances the body by creating a warm energy (yang).

According to several Chinese philosophical principals done for over 5000 years. Popularized starting in 1984 in America.
RAW Method: Provides the freshest/higher hormonal/nutrient benefits as the TCM/Heated method lessens vital enzymes, hormones, and nutrients.

Some clients do not like that the placenta is prepared RAW.
TCM/Heated Method: Rinsed, steamed, cooled, cut into thin strips, dehydrated for 8 – 12 hours.RAW Method: Rinsed, NOT steamed, cut raw into thin strips, dehydrated for 18-24 hours.
Capsule #:
TCM/Heated Method: Approximately 100-150 size 0 capsules depending on size of placenta and choices of other products.RAW Method: Approximately 125-175 size 0 capsules depending on size of placenta and choices of other products.
TCM/Heated Method: Creates a more balanced experience.

Great for overall longer term recovery, nourishing the body as it recovers, increased breastmilk supply, decreased PPD/PPA symptoms.
RAW Method: Great for immediate shorter term recovery, blood building and returning iron levels.

More immediate mood/energy increases, sometimes reported as too strong.
TCM/Heated Method: Steaming helps kill surface bacteria, therefore recommended for placentas where surface bacterial may be present, such as: exposure to meconium, prolonged exposure to afterbirth water with waterbirths, etc.

Hormones and most vitamins, iron, and selenium remain after steaming, however vitamin A, thymine, vitamin D, and some B vitamins are affected by the heating process.

Can be steamed with added herbs, lemon, pepper, ginger, frankincense, myrrh, garlic, turmeric, oils, etc. As a standard, I prepare without additions, please let me know if you’d like add additions.
RAW Method: Not recommended if infection was present during late pregnancy/labor/birth or for women with history of mental illness, insomnia, anxiety, sensitive to caffeine, current/past thyroid issues, group B strep, STD/STIs, pregnancy induces hypertension, pregnancy-induces toxemia, preclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP syndrome.

Test sensitivity to RAW capsules before beginning a strong dosage schedule.
Do NOT take after 5pm to ensure good sleep

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