— I’ll be adding more as I receive them. For the most up-to-date reviews, please see the current 66 reviews on our Facebook or current 34 review on Google.

-Review from Bernadette S., Wentzville, MO (2022) “I have gotten my placenta encapsulated with all 3 of my babies but having it done by Casey has been by far my best experience!! Casey was so sweet and quick to pick up and drop off, she encapsulated it so fast and got it back to me so quickly. She even texted me pictures and showed me her whole process which was not only amazing but so fascinating to see. She was so gracious to check in before baby arrived and after. She was quick to answer all my questions and always made me feel like a priority. Thank you so much for all of the above and more. I felt so cared for and important through everything. Casey will be my go to from now on for any future babies. I loved working with her and I know anyone else will to. 😊❤️”

-Review from Haleigh N., Cape Girardeau, MO (Shipping Client 2022) “I am incredibly grateful to have found Casey. I can’t speak to her knowledge, professionalism, kindness, and communication skills enough!! I used the shipping program and Casey truly could not have made it easier. She provides everything you need (down to the packing tape) with step by step instructions for you and the hospital staff – it was so nice not having to worry or micro manage this process while recovering in the hospital. Asides from the process, the product itself has been instrumental in my postpartum care. Once I received my pills I noticed almost an immediate positive change in my mood and emotions. I would recommend Casey and Midwest Placenta Encapsulation to absolutely anyone and everyone, and will certainly be using again with any future pregnancies. Thank you, Casey!” “I want as many people to know about your amazing service as possible! I really don’t think I could’ve made it without these pills. Those first few days without them were rough and I can tell when I’m late/missed a dose.”

-Review from Gabriele S., St. Louis, MO (2022) “Casey was great to work with and made my whole experience a breeze. She made pickup and drop off so easy. Her communication and pictures of processing the placenta were amazing. I highly recommended using her services. I know I will be using her again! Thanks Casey for everything!”

-Review from Carley D., Columbia, IL (2022) “Casey was amazing to work with! Communication with her was easy, timely, and genuine. It is obvious she is very passionate about her clients and the work she does for them. There are so many stressors going into a first birth/postpartum and Casey made sure this process was not one of them! She was so helpful and even sent me detailed photos of the process of encapsulation, which I loved. I would definitely work with her again. Thank you Casey!”

-Review from Esmeralda H., Union, MO (2022) “Casey is AMAZING!! I contacted her the day I got induced and she was so sweet and willing to work with me. She also came to the hospital to deliver the capsules the day after I delivered! I also love all the benefits you get when you take the capsules. Casey is very good at explaining everything to you.  Highly recommend!!!!”

-Review from Katie K., Moscow Mill, MO (2022) “Let me just start by saying Casey is amazing! Communication is key, from the start she was on top of everything, I am very happy that I went with her services she went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted! Thank you so much Casey, we are seeing all the benefits of this lovely capsule.I highly reccomend going through Midwest placenta encapsulation!”

-Review from Betsy S., Casey, IL (2022) “I have been so pleased with my experience with Casey and Midwest Placenta Encapsulation. Casey was the third encapsulator I contacted during my pregnancy, and the only one I felt comfortable using. Her process is highly professional, yet wonderfully personal. Communication was a breeze. I always received a quick response when I reached out with a question. I live about 200 miles away, and I feel like she went above and beyond during the transfer process. To anyone on the fence, I would highly recommend the benefits of placenta encapsulation, and I would highly recommend Casey at Midwest Placenta!”

-Review from Rachel B., Lake St. Louis, MO (2022) “Thank you so much to Casey at Midwest placenta encapsulation! This was my second baby and I had placenta encapsulation with my first and knew I wanted to do it again. I had switched doctors and hospitals and Casey was recommended to me, and I’m so happy she was. She got back to me right away after I contacted her. Her whole process was super simple and she was quick to answer if I had any questions. I told her when I was labor and she showed right up to the hospital after baby was born and picked up and got straight to work! She dropped everything off the next day, and her thoroughness was amazing. I had all the resources I needed right at my fingertips, and she also said I could contact her with any questions. So glad I used Casey and was so happy with the whole process and the end result!”

-Review from Ada V., St. Louis, MO (2022) “I loved everything. I haven’t tried the tincture yet but I’m sure it’s great. The salve and the capsules are great! I did have to lower my dose right away because it was a bit much. But after that smooth sailing.” “I am glad I went through Casey at Midwest Placenta Encapsulation. She was able to help me despite me reaching out to her super late into my pregnancy (and going into labor a week early). I had my baby in March and i’m very satisfied so far. I was hesitant at first but I’m happy I went through with encapsulation. The capsules really do wonders! ❤️ 💛”

-Review from Payton W., St. Louis, MO (2022) “Casey was amazing to work with and made the entire process so easy! Especially after labor, it’s one of the last things you want to worry about but she makes it so easy and is so kind and accommodating. I will definitely be using her for the next kid too!!”

-Review from Miaya S., St. Charles, MO (2022) “I don’t even know where to begin because there were so many amazing things that came from finding Midwest Placenta Encapsulation and Casey! She was the sweetest and most pleasant person to communicate with, I love how much she kept us updated with the whole process from the pickup, process of encapsulation, and the drop off.  She was also super quick at it all! I will DEFINITELY being contacting her for future pregnancies. Also I can’t believe I missed out on this with my first pregnancy because my recovery and healing has been way more speedy and for that I am so grateful!”

-Review from Erin B., St. Peters, MO (2022) “Highly recommend using Midwest Placenta for your placenta encapsulation! Casey is amazing! The whole process was so easy to do with her. She is very informative and communicating with her was so easy. Pick up/drop off was a breeze. Also, the benefits from the placenta capsules are great. I had to wait a week or so after giving birth to start taking the placenta pills due to postpartum preeclampsia and an extended hospital stay. Once I started taking the placenta pills, I felt way more balanced and had decreased anxieties. I will definitely be using Casey/Midwest placenta in the future, as well as, recommending her to pregnant friends/family.”

-Review from Erin P., St. Charles, MO (2022) “My experience with Casey was out of this world. From our initial conversation to our last, she was such a light during one of the most hectic moments of my life. It didn’t feel like just a simple business transaction with her- and she went above and beyond to accommodate us and include us through every step of the way. I guarantee you’re gonna love Casey!!”

-Review from Brittany M., Wisconsin (Shipping Client 2022) “Working with Casey was delightful! She really made the process so simple and seamless. Casey has very quick response times and gives you all the information you could possibly need! All you need to do is send her your info and eventually your placenta and she does the rest of the work for you. The packet that comes with your cooler is dummy-proof and gives you a rundown of steps you need to take to care for and package your placenta. Turn around time from when you ship your placenta to receiving the capsules is very quick! I would definitely encapsulate with Midwest Placenta Encapsulation again!”

-Review from Chelsie S., Winfield, MO (2022) “Casey was amazing to work with. She truly made it very easy for new mamas to get their placenta encapsulated. There was seriously little to no work on our end. All we had to do was make sure we kept the placenta and she does the rest. She is seriously so caring and very easy to communicate with. She is very knowledgeable about what she does and I can tell she takes true passion in what she does for many new mamas. ❤️ I have felt amazing this time around! I will definitely always be open to talking about placenta encapsulation and I will be doing it again with any future babies!”

-Review from Mariah H., St. Louis, MO (2022) “Finding Casey has been such a blessing! I am a first time mother and was very excited about using her services. I am continuously blown away by her genuine character and thoughtfulness. Not only did she encapsulate my placenta but she made a personal effort to support me as a new mother. I loved getting pictures of the process and all the information she provides. I am forever thankful I found Casey and would recommend her services to anyone wanting this done. Casey thank you so much again and I will be recommending you to all my people and using you again in the future!”

-Review from Emily T., Edwardsville, IL (2022) “Casey was wonderful to work with and I am so happy to have had my placenta encapsulated with her! She was great to communicate with, especially when I ended up being induced 3 weeks earlier than expected. She communicated with my husband after the baby was born and met him at the hospital to pick up the placenta. 24 hours later she returned with the capsules and our package. She also sent amazing photos to me of the process! Casey is so kind, thoughtful and goes above and beyond to ensure a wonderful experience. Thank you!!”

-Review from Tia C., Weldon Springs, MO (2022) “Casey was amazing to work with! She was so prompt with communication, answered all of my questions, and was so quick with turnaround time and drop off. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for placenta encapsulation!”

-Review from Tia C., Weldon Springs, MO (2022) “Casey was amazing to work with! She was so prompt with communication, answered all of my questions, and was so quick with turnaround time and drop off. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for placenta encapsulation!”

-Review from Ally S., Moscow Mills, MO. (2022) “Truly cannot say enough good things about Casey and the way she handles running her small business. I had a million questions as this was our first child and wanted to explore placenta encapsulation, Casey was quick to respond and so kind to answer and explore all my questions. On top of this, when we arrived to the hospital we realized we forgot our cooler and she gave us all the information and options necessary to ensure we could still pursue the encapsulation process. She picked up the same day and we had our capsules the following morning— not to mention this was all during a snow storm. Can’t recommend Casey enough!”

-Review from Esther F., Nevada (Shipping Client) (2022) “1) Customer Service and Process is amazing. 2) The pills really do the trick. 1) Absolutely AMAZING customer service and products! I was worried because I couldn’t find any encapsulations near me, and I reached out to Casey and she answered my many questions as well as letting me know about her shipping program! It really is so simple and easy and you could definitely tell she thought out the process thoroughly and gave great instructions on each step of the shipping and placenta storage process! 2) When I first began taking the pills I wasn’t 100% sure I noticed a difference, but upon mom life happening and missing almost a full day of taking them I was a crying mess by the evening time and realized that the only thing I had done differently was not take my pills on time- this happened only a few more times over the next weeks and it was almost the same occurrence every time!- I also noticed a significant difference in my hair loss from this postpartum experience compared to my last (when I did not get my placenta encapsulated)- IT HELPED MY HAIR SO MUCH and I barely had any hair loss! I realize there are a lot of variables to postpartum and hormones, but having my placenta encapsulated, I definitely feel was overall an extremely positive experience! THANK YOU SO MUCH CASEY!”

-Review from Arlee B., St. Louis, MO (2022) “Everything is so professional and beautifully done! You’ve made this experience everything and more I hoped it would be!”

-Review from Ciara B., Troy, MO. (2021) “They are quick to respond and very flexible with your schedule! I was so exhausted after the birth that I totally forgot they were taking care of my placenta. Next thing I know, they said my placenta was ready and to let them know when a good time was to drop it off! It was so fast and I didn’t have to worry about anything. When they dropped it off, I was nursing my baby and didn’t even have get out of my chair. They are very accommodating and I highly recommend!”

-Review from Monica B., St, Louis, MO (2021) “I am so thankful I picked Midwest Placenta Encapsulation with my most recent pregnancy. Casey was incredible to work with and made the process of delivering in a hospital and having the placenta encapsulated so easy. She is easy to get in touch with, kind and supportive of the Mom before and after delivery. I highly recommend all Moms encapsulate their placenta for the incredible benefits, and highly recommend they use Midwest Placenta Encapsulation.”

-Review from Maria D., Chesterfield, MO. (2021) “I highly recommend Casey’s services. I am almost done taking the pills and I can confidently say this has helped my postpartum journey. She sent me pictures of the whole process of my placenta being encapsulated and was always prompt with communication when I had questions. The keepsakes are so amazing and personal. And the booklet explaining everything was so useful every step of the way!”

-Review from Rikki K., Collinsville, IL. (2021) “I had the very best experience with Casey. It was last minute finding her and she had no problem adding me on to capsule my placenta. Having my placenta capsuled really helped with my postpartum. As soon as I started taking it my PPD disappeared. My milk supply really increased letting me store 300 oz before my son was a month old! Her communication with me was fantastic. Pick up and delivery was super easy. I’m just so thankful I found her! I would recommend to anyone anytime!”

-Review from Jessica O., Marthasville, MO. (2021) “I really enjoyed my experience with Casey and the encapsulation process. She really goes above and beyond to ensure the exchange of the placenta goes smoothly and had my capsules ready super fast. I will definitely do this again if we have another babe! Taking the capsules postnatal has truly benefited my entire being and I’m so grateful for her services!!”

Photo Credit to Jenna B.

-Review and Photo from Jenna B., Pana, IL. (2021) “Casey is absolutely amazing! I am so thankful I used her services! I 100% believe encapsulating my placenta has helped my postpartum journey and will without a doubt be using her again in the future!! Very quick response, educational, compassionate, and truly loves what she does!! She went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of from the time I made the decision to hire her all the way to a few weeks postpartum she would check in periodically just to be a like minded ear if needed!! Thank you Casey for the wonderful and professional experience!”

-Review from Paula B., St. Louis, MO (2021) “Highly recommend!! Casey was very professional and open throughout the entire process. I was skeptical and unsure about trying it and now that I have I feel like I cheated myself my other pregnancies! She sent me pictures of the process and was very prompt when picking up and dropping off. I had a cesarean and it was my second one out of five pregnancies l. My first c section was not the best but my second one with encapsulation was almost like having vaginal delivery not to mention my recovery was awesome! I had to keep reminding myself I’m not healed cause I felt great! I could go on and on bottom line is don’t cheat yourself from what is your what your body made! TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT!!”

Photo credit to Allison W.

-Review and photo from Allison W., Richmond Heights, MO (2021)“Where do I begin!? Casey is a blessing to me and the gift of my postpartum health and overall experience. My first delivery and postpartum experience was the opposite of what I had dreamed of. I ended up having an emergency C section and postpartum depression that affected my life in ways I could have never anticipated. After much consideration, I decided to have a repeat c-section with my second son but was desperate for ways to avoid a repeat postpartum episode. I heard about Casey through a friend and knew I had to connect with Casey and arrange for my placenta encapsulation. My thought was, even if this does nothing for me, at least I tried! I am here to tell you that I am 6 days postpartum and have the most lifted spirits. While one might claim something like a placebo effect or every pregnancy is different, I beg to differ. From the moment Casey delivered my placenta capsules, to the first dose, I have felt a marked difference in my c section and mental health recovery. All I can say is, this, to me, is a miracle! Now that you have heard enough about me, let me tell you about working with Casey! CASEY IS AMAZING! Her communication, professionalism, knowledge, and expertise, left me in awe every time we communicated. I was so excited to meet her when she came to the hospital to retrieve my placenta. And, she was everything I expected and more! A most bright and brilliant ray of sunshine to give me hope for this time around. She arrived within hours of my delivery and had my placenta in my hands in the less than 24 hours. Honestly, I am still amazed at how fast it all happened. Words can’t describe how much I recommend working with Casey. The investment is so small compared to the reward of your mental health, physical health, and the health of your baby. If you are on the fence about doing this because it feels strange, gross, or whatever words you may have in your mind, I am here to tell you to push those feelings aside because this is the BEST thing you can do for yourself! They always say to put your oxygen mask on first. There is a reason for that! As mothers we must be our best selves in order to be the best for our littles…this is the first step in giving back to yourself. You deserve it!”

-Review from Nico P., Weldon Springs, MO. (2021) “Highly recommend!! Casey made this process super easy for us. She was so comforting and encouraging through out the whole process! (Sending text messages of encouragement) Talking to her felt like talking to a long time friend.. so sweet and caring. The instructions and information she provided was clear and very helpful. The service she provided was perfect for us. For sure would do this again!”

-Review from Stephanie M., St. Charles, MO (2021) “I can’t say enough kind words about Casey and Midwest Placenta Encapsulation! Casey was so wonderful to work with, she was quick to respond to all of my questions and was extremely professional. In addition to providing a service she also offered kind words and support before, during, and after our baby was born. You can tell she is very passionate about what she does.”

-Review from Elisa R., St. Louis, MO. (2021) “This was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Casey was so helpful and accommodating. She kept me informed on the entire process and helped me understand what she did with the placenta.”

-Review from Raven B., St. Louis, MO. (2021) “Casey was amazing! Her communication was unmatched aswell as her knowledge about the service. I loved every second of working with her in this process. She kept me updated the entire time! I would recommend this to everyone! I’ve been using my pills for a little over a month!”

Photo Credit to Stasia E.

-Review and Photo from Stasia E., St. Louis, MO. (2021) “Casey was truly a blessing to my fiancé and I as we welcomed our baby boy into the world. Not only was she prompt & responsive to each question or inquire, she was very supportive and encouraging throughout the days leading up to his delivery. She returned my capsules the very next day & shared the entire process along the way. I cannot thank her enough for gifting me with such a nourishing gift & for her genuine kindness & support throughout. I am three days postpartum & have followed her recommended dosage & already see a major progress in my emotional & physical recovery. Thank you for helping this momma feel more like herself, you’ve blessed us tremendously!”

-Review from Taylor R. Troy, MO. (2021) “Such a wonderful experience working with Casey. She was thorough, knowledgeable, kind and responded promptly. She has a wonderful check in schedule not only during pregnancy but after delivery including motivational pictures and sayings. She walked me thru the process and was more than willing to do anything she could to make the process smooth. Payment options were convenient and my capsules were completed before I was even discharged from the hospital! Her delivered package is too cute and very well presented. She was also very respectful of personal space when she was around me and the baby – in our never ending “ covid world “ that is important when dealing with little immune systems. I highly recommend.” 

-Review from Blair V. O’fallon, MO. (2021) “Casey was beyond lovely to work with. She is so thorough, flexible, supportive, encouraging and sweet! I loved working with her and would absolutely recommend using her services. She is so easy to communicate with, transparent and knowledgeable. She met and exceeded my expectations in every step of the process.”

-Review from Jeana H., Edwardsville, IL. (2021) “Casey is so awesome to work with. She’s informative about the process and allows you to see the whole thing through photos. She checks in on you and sends encouraging messages which are always nice so close to delivery! We had our capsules, memory gift and photo from the tree of life within 2 days! I would highly highly recommend her to anyone interested. ❤️

-Review from Maggie S., St. Louis, MO. (2021) “Casey is a great communicator, trustworthy, efficient, hard worker and has a warm personality. She was quick to respond to any questions I had, even the crazy ones. And in her responses was very open and honest. Casey did not pressure anything, but rather was patient with me and gave me plenty of grace. She picked up the placenta from Mercy hospital and dropped it off at our home within the hour we got home from the hospital (little over 1 full day after she picked up the placenta). Would recommend Casey to anyone looking to encapsulate their placenta and plan to work with her again when we have another little one!”

-Review from Gabriella M., Ofallon, MO. (2021) “Casey is seriously amazing! Her communication is top notch and her professionalism beyond compare! We will definitely be using her services again for our next babe.”

-Review from Jordan B., St. Charles, MO. (2021)“Casey was so pleasant to work with. She was prompt, encouraging, and beyond informative. I love how closely she worked with the birth center and even came to pick up my placenta without me having to reach out to let her know it was ready. I’m a FTM so I don’t have any other PP experience to compare this one to but I’m a little over 2 weeks postpartum and feel wonderful. I definitely attribute this to the encapsulations! I will absolutely be using this service with future deliveries and I would recommend it to everyone.”

-Review from Elena C., Ballwin, MO. (2021)“Casey is great! She was punctual, immediate communication and really kind and considerate. I highly recommend her services.”

-Review from Jalissa B., St. Charles, MO. (2021)“The BEST!!!!! I had my baby 9-25 early morning she was there by noon picking up my placenta. That night I had videos and pictures of the process and the next day(9-26) she delivered everything to me at home. Really fast, professional, friendly, and communication was the best. She made everything so easy. If I ever have another baby she will be the first person I call!”

-Review from Cara P., MO. (2021) “When I first found out about placenta encapsulation I was skeptical to say the least. Casey changed my mind completely. She was so knowledgeable and very accommodating in answering any and all of my questions. She was attentive and made herself available throughout the entire process. She even documented with pictures her process which is so cool to be able to keep as memorabilia. My husband and I would highly recommend using her services!”

-Review from Kristi S., Florissant, MO. (2021) “Casey was amazing to work with from start to finish! She was very accommodating with everything and great on communication from pickup to drop off while I was in the hospital. Delivery of the pills and keepsake was the next day! Love all the benefits placenta encapsulation has brought me and would highly recommend Midwest to do it!”

Photo Credit to Martia B.

– Review and Photo from Martia B., Wildwood, MO. (2021) “Casey was a pleasure to work with. Her communication was prompt and her services are top notch. This was my first time trying placenta encapsulation and I am not disappointed. The pick up and delivery were very convenient and the keepsakes are thoughtful and creative. I highly recommend her services.”

–Review from Tate S., St. Louis, MO. (2021) “Casey was so fantastic! The placenta pills really helped with postpartum recovery and the keepsakes were so special and will be treasured forever.”

-Review from Courtney H., Wentzville, MO. (2021) “Casey was phenomenal to work with for placenta encapsulation. She was extremely nice and accommodating. Turn around time was very fast! She sent photos of the process as it was happening and delivered to my front door! The keepsakes of the tree of life print and the umbilical heart were such sweet mementos to get as well. Highly recommend!” 

Review from Anna L., Troy, MO. (2020) “I loved my experience with Casey (MPE)! I was impressed at how quickly she took care of everything and got my capsules to me! They help so much with recovery (overall body healing and emotional support) and milk supply. She is kind, professional and passionate about what she does and how it supports mommas and babies.”

Review from Sara B., Cottage Hills, IL. (2020) “I loved the service that Casey provided my family with! She made it easy to meet with her at the hospital, made payment and drop off easy while my baby was in the NICU. She even did the research and answered questions I had about the process. She provided me with a top quality supplement. (Encapsulated placenta) She also included two beautiful keepsakes and amazing customer service. Would definitely recommend Midwest Placenta to anyone!”

-Review from Kellsie M., St. Charles, MO. (2020) “I was on the fence about doing a placenta encapsulation but I’m glad we did and would recommend Casey to anyone wanting this service. She was really easy to text with questions and the placenta pickup/capsule drop off was easily coordinated and seamless. I would use her service again in the future!”

-Review and Photos from Brittany M., St. Charles, MO. (2020) “Encapsulating my placenta was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself to help recover! I am so thankful I found Casey! She is so amazing and did a wonderful job encapsulating my placenta with a quick transition time (2 days), to doorstep delivery, to great packaging. She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. I highly recommend her and Midwest Placenta Encapsulation as I will be back for my third child. Thank you for such a great experience.” (photo credits Brittany M.)

-Review from Wendy O., Warrenton, MO. (2020) “I loved my placenta capsules! They gave me an energy boost, and helped me have a great milk supply. I loved how quickly I got my capsules as well, they were ready the day after I delivered!! Midwest placenta was very easy to work with. Thank you so much Midwest Placenta!”

-Review from Jessica E., St. Charles, MO. (2020) “I appreciate everything Casey did for me. She kept me informed of the process with pictures and detailed instructions.  The products were exactly as described.  I loved my placenta picture and the umbilical cord heart. I highly recommend contacting Casey for placenta encapsulation!” 

-Review from Jane Ann S., Valley Park, MO. (2020) “Casey was so friendly, the whole process was simple. Don’t think that you don’t have the time to schedule this with all your other ‘baby requirements ‘ . That’s what stopped me from doing it with my last baby, but I’m so glad I made the first step and did this with my most recent baby, because it was so easy!! She was on the ball and super sweet! The capsules helped me stay level headed, I didn’t find myself bawling all the time like I did in the past during this special time, getting to know your new angel!“

-Review from Alicia M., St. Peters, MO. (2020) “Casey was the best! This was my first baby and she was so sweet and so helpful! The tree of life print and the umbilical cord are such unique keepsakes that you wouldn’t normally get! She came to the hospital and picked up my placenta and had my capsules ready the very next day. 10 out of 10.”

-Review from Lindsey H., O’fallon, MO. (2020) “Excellent service! Super quick and quality care. I definitely recommend for your placenta encapsulation.”

-Review from Clair S., Webster Groves, MO. (2020). “I loved working with Casey! She kept me updated on her progress and even sent me pictures along the way! She picked up my placenta from the hospital and then dropped off my capsules, print, and umbilical cord heart the next day. It was amazing to have such a quick turnaround so I could start taking the capsules immediately. I definitely recommend working with her!”

-Review from Allison M., St. Charles, MO. (2020) “Casey is fabulous. Easy to work with. She answered all my questions so promptly prior to birth. She checked on me when my baby still hadn’t arrived a week after my due date. When my baby did finally arrive, she picked up my placenta that day and delivered the pills the very next day! I was stunned at how fast she worked! Even in the midst of the pandemic she took all necessary precautions to socially distance for pick up and delivery. I value and appreciate Casey and her service so much! Ten out of ten would recommend Casey to other moms.” 

-Review from Tamila M., Ballwin, MO. (2020) “Casey was extremely pleasant, personable and easy to talk to and work with. Very prompt and beyond convenient. I got a hold of her one week before I was scheduled for delivery, she responded immediately and made herself available. Came up to my post op room and grabbed my placenta, I had my capsules within 48 hours, personally delivered back to my room at the hospital. I couldn’t have asked for a better service. I HIGHLY recommend her and will ABSOLUTELY use her again.” 

– Review from Chelsie F., Warrenton, MO. (2020) “Casey was awesome to work with. She was very quick to respond and had great turnaround time. She came to my house (home birth) to both pick up and drop off so I didn’t have to go anywhere! She left detailed information and dosage suggestions when she dropped off and I found that very helpful. I also love the print and umbilical cord keepsake she made. What a cool idea!”

-Review from Andrea W., St. Charles, MO. (2019) “Casey has encapsulated two of my placentas. She is very timely with her orders and takes great care in preparing them. I loved being included in the process with information about the process through pictures. I highly recommend using Casey to encapsulate your placenta.”

–Review from Julie F., Moscow Mills, MO. (2018) “Casey was great to work with during my last pregnancy. She came to the hospital, picked up my placenta (I never even had to see it) and had it returned to me in the hospital THE NEXT DAY!!! She even provided a “tree of life” photo keepsake and the extra cord shaped in a heart and dried!“

-Review from Cassandra, Warrenton, MO. (2017) “I loved having my placenta encapsulated both times. The pills we’re a little hard to remember to take at first, but once I saw the benefits from it… I remembered! I never had a baby without doing encapsulation, but I feel like if I did I would have gotten PPD, because on days when I forgot to take my capsules, I could tell my moods we definitely lower. I love the keepsakes and will keep the little dried umbilical cord heart forever.” 

-Review from Greg, Wentzville, MO. (2016) “I have to admit, when my wife first mentioned she wanted to encapsulate her placenta I thought she was crazy. I had never heard of it before. These pills did SO much for her emotionally. Never went through any postpartum depression. And I can ABSOLUTELY tell when she didn’t take them. Let’s just say she was in a much better mood when taking them. So much that I nicknamed them her “Happy Pills”. We will use for all of our future babies!” 

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