Process for Local Clients

This page is for local clients located within 60 miles of Wentzville, MO. Servicing St. Louis City and County, St. Charles, Lincoln, & Warren County. If you’re not located in our service area, please see our nationwide placenta shipping program

Step #1: Sign Up
Complete the sign-up form HERE!

Completing this form gives me all your information and adds you to my due date calendar. I will usually reach out to you with more information within a few hours.
Step #2: Complete Paperwork
A simple liability form and photos/screenshots of bloodwork showing results for HIV, Hepatitis, or STDs/STIs. More information will be provided after signup.
Step #3: Notify Birthteam
Notify your doctor/midwife that you intend to keep your placenta. Put it on your birth plan, have them put it in your chart, etc.

Just to make sure everyone is aware and the placenta doesn’t get lost in the excitement of baby arriving.
Step #4: Pack Your Hospital Bag
Put a cooler along with your hospital bag to keep placenta on ice while in the hospital/birth-center until pickup.
Step #5: Baby Time!
At arrival/check-in remind the care team that you intend to keep your placenta. It is helpful if you let me know it’s baby time, but not required. Your provider may require you sign a release ahead of time in order to keep your placenta.

Once baby is here and things have calmed down, contact me. It is your responsibility to keep the placenta refrigerated and/or on ice until our arranged pick-up time, more information will be provided after signup.
Step #6: Pickup From Hospital / Birth Center / Home
My pickup hours are 8am – 8pm. I can usually pick up right away. The placenta is labeled with your name/date. And will remain labeled during the duration of transportation, and each step of processing up until drop-off.
Step #7: Preparation
All work spaces and supplies are sanitized. The placenta is examined for abnormalities, signs of infection, deterioration, or contamination. This is done by a 6 part examination, and a temperature check to ensure placenta was stored at a safe temperature between birth and processing.
Step #8: Encapsulation
Each placenta product chosen is prepared with care following the high-standard protocols as taught in my formal placenta encapsulation training. If you opted for pictures, I’ll send photos of your placenta/process every step of the way.

Read more about the encapsulation process here or see step-by-step photos on our gallery page.
Step #9: Drop-Off
The placenta will usually be encapsulated in a 24-48 hour time frame. We will arrange a drop off time & place. Drop off place can vary depending on you are still at the hospital/birth center or at home. You will receive your ‘goodie bag’ with chosen placenta products, storage, dosage, usage information, etc., and more.
Step #10: Rock Your Recovery
You can start taking your placenta capsules right away and start experiencing the amazing benefits yourself!

I’m available for call/text/email support as needed.


No deposit is required. You may pay at anytime, with the latest time being at the time of placenta pick-up. The balance must be paid in-full before processing. Payment Methods: Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, Money Order, Personal Check (must be done in advance) or simply tuck cash into your hospital bag.

If you’re located outside of normal servicing area (greater than 40 miles from Wentzville, MO) I can still provide placenta encapsulation services for an additional charge of $25 to cover additional time and travel expenses (up to 60 miles from Wentzville, MO or as discussed).

If this sounds perfect for you, please complete the Client Sign Up Form to get started and reserve your spot on my due date calendar today! 

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