Why Choose Midwest Placenta Encapsulation

Fully certified, over 7 years of experience and this is my FULL TIME job. I (Casey Merrell) am NOT a doula, birth photographer, etc. whom may get stuck at a long birth and not be able to pickup and process right away. This means I can focus my time and pour my heart and soul into encapsulations and my clients.

Midwest Placenta has a dedicated ‘processing kitchen’. I pride myself on NOT using a personal kitchen alongside normal day to day life, including meal preparation, family members, pets, kids, etc.

This kitchen and all equipment are solely for placenta encapsulation and umbilical cord preservation! With a code-entry door, placentas are processed in this special area while upholding the utmost sanitation guidelines. Only one placenta is processed at a time to avoid cross contamination or mix-ups. All supplies are sanitized in between each client and all safety protocols are followed.

Since I do this full time, I have been able to invest in several full sets of equipment and 4 capsules presses. Therefore, if two clients deliver close together, I can process quicker than if I only had one set of equipment and had to wait for the long sanitization process and complete drying (all the finished equipment must be 100% dry to avoid adding moisture to completed capsules).

I offer a lot of options! For capsules, you can choose raw or TCM. For umbilical cord keepsakes, you can choose natural, gold-dipped, painted, resin coated. For tree of life prints, I can do natural or various water colors. Other options I offer for placenta products are tinctures and salves. I also have a shipping program across the entire continental United States, so if you’re not local, I can still process and deliver right to your door.

We do NOT require a deposit, down-payment or payment of encapsulation package ahead of time. If you’re local (St. Louis area) you do not need to pay anything to signup for services and get your step-by-step informational packet in the mail. If you’re using our shipping program, a $50 shipping kit payment is required to get your cooler box and shipping kit. The remining encapsulation package cost is not due until time of processing.

Casey Merrell, owner/operator of Midwest Placenta has been featured on many news outlets such as TODAY, ScaryMommy, and others for placenta encapsulation & umbilical cord preservation.

We do not nickel-and-dime. If you want variations to standards, additions to steaming the placenta, colored umbilical cord keepsake, watercolor tree of life print, if you want to be send step-by-step photos of your process… we do not charge extra for all of those little added things that can truly make this experience custom for you.

I am here for you, with support and guidance through this whole process. You will have information on every tiny step of the way, from what to pack in your hospital bag, what to do if staff wants to take placenta to pathology, how to store correctly after, birth, EVERYTHING! I’m here if you have any questions throughout the entire process, from the first positive pregnancy test up until birth, and even can give continued support after delivery if needed for storage, dosage help, etc.

Read why for yourself… We have amazing clients, who’ve blessed Midwest Placenta with over 60+ reviews on Facebook, 30+ reviews on Google, and have been tagged various times in new stories, client’s TikTok videos, and more. Look around and see what other have had to say about the benefits, the process, and using Midwest Placenta.

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