Most mothers prepare for their postpartum recovery by preserving the placenta in multiple methods for multiple uses, getting a combination of placenta capsules, placenta tinctures, and placenta salves for maximum healing potential from your placenta!

The following are available through Midwest Placenta: Click on each one to read more details about how they’re made, their amazing benefits, uses, and more! 

  • Placenta Capsules: What most people are here for, compressing all the benefits of placenta consumption into a easy-to-take capsules.
  • Placenta Tinctures: With an amazing long-lasting shelf life that offers placenta benefits long after your capsules are gone.
  • Placenta Salves: Stretch marks, cracked nipples, perineal tearing, diaper rash cream, the healing applications are endless.
  • Keepsakes Items: Tree of Life print and umbilical cord heart, just some fun remembrance items for the baby box. 

These products are available in 3 different package options, click below to see more!

Basic Package – $297Standard Package – $347Premium Package – $397

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